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St Cyrus NNR

Flower rich grassland, ever-changing sand dunes, a golden beach and steep cliffs – St Cyrus National Nature Reserve is a rich and varied landscape. You can enjoy walks along marked trails in the reserve and take a trip to the visitor centre where you can learn more about the reserve’s history, habitats and species. As well as being home to the red burnet moth, common blue butterfly and all four of the nation’s grass hopper species, St Cyrus hosts the world’s fastest bird: the peregrine falcon.

The village of St Cyrus itself is a pleasant coastal community with a cafe, campsite, hotel and of course, lovely views out to sea.
 Things to see and do
  • Explore St Cyrus National Nature Reserve and keep an eye out for wildlife
  • Relax and enjoy the views with a cup of tea in St Cyrus
 National Nature Reserves Scotland has information on the nature reserve and how to get there.



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