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Perhaps the most noticeable feature of Cairnbulg is the remains of the Sovereign, a Banff registered fishing boat that hit the rocks just north of the village in 2005 and has been there ever since.

The rocky beach close to the wreck is home to a tern colony in the summer. You can also see eider ducks and goldeneye ducks displaying offshore.

Maggie’s Hoosie was home to Miss Maggie Duthie, a woman who made her living preparing fish for market. She was not fond of change and shunned comforts such as running water and electricity. Preserved since her death in 1950, Maggie’s Hoosie is open to visitors during the summer.

Things to see and do

See how fishing families used to live at Maggie’s Hoosie

Explore the rocky shore – keep an eye out for tern colonies in summer and the Sovereign wreck


Inverallochy and Whitelinks Bay (6km/3.75 miles)



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