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It's hard to believe that the oil capital of the UK could provide an idyllic, wave filled playground for surfers of the North East, but it does.

With more and more people taking up the sport in Scotland, it isn't unusual to see up to 40 people in the water on a busy Saturday afternoon. Surfing provides an outlet for everyone - men, women and children of all ages.

It's a fantastic way to keep fit and learn more about the ocean and wildlife that surrounds the Scottish coastline. Surfing naturally links surfers to marine life and forces people to think more about how humans can protect and sustain the beach. Once you've bought your own surf board and wetsuit, that's you ready to go and enjoy countless hours in the sea.

There are various surf spots dotted all along the north east so when the swell hits, there are plenty of options for all levels of surfers to choose from. If you've never surfed before, Granite Reef Surf School in Aberdeen offers group and individual lessons with their experienced staff including Scottish ladies surfing champion and O'Neill team rider Dee Ripoll.

The Scottish Surfing Federation unites the Scottish surfing community through various sporting and social events throughout the year and are always happy to welcome newcomers who want to try surfing in Scotland or get involved in the culture that surrounds the sport.

So fancy giving surfing in the north east of Scotland a try? Here's how you can: -
  • Granite Reef Surf School take bookings online or via telephone and they'll give you the opportunity to get out in the water with expert supervision
  • The Scottish Surfing Federation can keep you up to date with surfing events in Scotland and you connect with other surfers.
  • Aberdeen University Surf Club is great for if you're a student studying in Aberdeen, take advantage and get in the water through their surf club.
  • Aberdeen Surf Lifesaving Club can help you practise some surf lifesaving skills, contact these guys for further information.
  • Fancy learning about the culture that surrounds Scottish surfing? Check out Through the Wiskybarrel - an insightful film about Scottish surfing

Text by Dee Ripoll and Photos by Andrew Wilkie, both of Granite Reef, Aberdeen.


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