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Kitesports are sports involving power or traction kites. It is possible to use a kite to power yourself along on a huge variety of things, but the most widely practised kitesports are powerkiting, kite buggying, kite landboarding, kitesurfing and snowkiting.

For all kitesports having some knowledge about suitable conditions to practise in and suitable equipment to use can make the difference between having a great time and putting yourself and others in danger; tuition with qualified instructors is highly recommended.  

All kitesports are huge fun, and you can make things as calm or as adrenaline-filled as you like. With experience it is possible to ride at anything from walking speed to 60mph, you can stay firmly on the ground or jump and perform aerial tricks, compete in disciplines such as racing and freestyle, and use the kite to take you up the hills or to catch waves. You do not have to be fit or strong to start these sports, but as physical activities you will get fitter and stronger by doing them.

Types of Kite
  • Powerkiting:  Using just the kite. You can practice the kite skills necessary for all kitesports, and also use the kite to scud down the beach on your feet or for jumping. This is the starting point for all other kitesports.
  • Kite buggying: Using the kite to power yourself in a three-wheeled buggy.
  • Kite landboarding:  Using the kite to power yourself on a landboard, like an off-road skateboard
  • Kitesurfing: Using the kite to power yourself riding a board on the sea.
  • Snowkiting: Using the kite to power yourself riding on a snowboard or skis.
Kiting in Aberdeenshire
In the North East of Scotland we are fortunate enough to get great conditions for all these activities. Snowkiting obviously depends on having snow, but the other kite sports can be practised all year round. To kitesurfa good winter wetsuit is essential all year round; some people choose to wear a drysuit in the winter. Powerkiting, kite landboarding and kite buggying are all land based kitesports; as such these can be practised all year round.

The main thing you need for kitesports is wind, enough, but not too much. You also need space so that you and your kite won’t hit other people or get tangled up with anything. As a hobby, kitesports are perfect for the North East, especially the corner near Fraserburgh, they make the most of the wind, space and coastline that we have.

Wind-powered sports, such as kitesports are more environmentally friendly than many hobbies. For anyone living near the beach or fields (do make sure you have permission to use these first) kitesports can also be practised close to home, reducing financial and environmental travel costs. Kitesports are also a great way to get young people interested in physical activities and the natural environment through having fun at the beach and using the area’s natural resources.

Fraserburgh is home to Synergy Kitesports; Scotland’s first internationally recognised kitesurf school and the world’s first internationally recognised powerkite school. Visit www.synergykitesports.com to find out more.


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